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You Have So Much To Gain ... And Nothing To Lose!
You Have So Much To Gain ... And Nothing To Lose!
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  Teach Your Child To Read eBook  

eBook Title:

Teach Your Child To Read

Brief Description:

Helping Your Child Learn To Read? With activities for children from infancy through age 10. "Why?" This is the question we parents are always trying to answer. It's good that children ask questions: that's the best way to learn. All children have two wonderful resources for learning--imagination and curiosity.
As a parent, you can awaken your children to the joy of learning by encouraging
their imagination and curiosity.
Helping Your Child Learn to Read is one in a series of books on different education topics intended to help you make the most of your child's natural curiosity. Teaching and learning are not mysteries that can only happen in school. They also happen when parents and children do simple things together.


This book is a way for you to help meet these goals. It will give you a short rundown on facts, but the biggest part of the book is made up of simple, fun activities for you and your child to do together. Your child may even beg you to do them.

At the end of the book is a list of resources, so you can continue the fun.

Let's get started. We invite you to find an activity in this book and try it.

These are the types of things you will learn in this eBook:

The Basics
Start Young and Stay with It
Advertise the Joy of Reading!
Remember When You Were Very Young
Home Is Where the Heart Is
Important Things To Know
It's Part of Life
One More Time
Talking about Stories
The More the Merrier
How Do I Use This Book?
Read Along
Look for Books
Books and Babies
R and R: Repetition and Rhyme
Poetry in Motion
Read to Me
Family Reading Time
Story Talk
Write and Talk, Too
Tot Talk
What's in a Name?
World of Words
Book Nooks
Family Stories
Now Hear This
P.S. I Love You
Easy as Pie
Write On
Make a Book
Make Your Own Dictionary
Parents and the Schools
A Postscript about Older Children

Payment Details
Price Only 2.99   USD

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